NEXt steps

We are glad you are here! This is where your journey at Riverway begins!

  • RIVERway 101

    Attend Riverway 101 the 1st Sunday of the month during the second service in the main lobby lecture hall.  You will find out all about our DNA as a church, our heart for the community, and our vision for the future. Afterwards, we will all have lunch together on us where you can meet some of our staff and we can get to know you! 

    (If you have kids, they will be cared for in their normal kids room and join us for lunch after the class.)


  • Starting point

    Wondering about God, Jesus, or the Bible? Why not check out Starting Point?

    If you have questions about the Christian faith, are a new Christian, or are returning to church for the first time in years, we have an 8-week conversational environment designed for you. 

    For more information, CLICK HERE