groups Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions

For the Week of May 5th

“Developing A Plan”

1. Do you or have you ever had financial plan? How has your plan or lack thereof impacted your finances and lifestyle?

2. In our culture, “me-first living with some leftover giving” is the typical way to handle money. How is that similar to or different from what was modeled for you growing up?

3. Giving can either be reactive (after being asked) or proactive (before or without being asked). Which type of giving do you lean toward and why?

4. When you think about giving away a percentage of your money (and doing it first), what tensions begin to surface?

5. Read Matthew 6:25-29, 33-34. Before Jesus said to “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness,” He addressed the tension we might feel about flipping our financial priorities. Keeping in mind the tensions you just identified, share what part of this passage resonates with you.

6. Ryan shared the following path for financial freedom: Give, Save, Pay your taxes, Pay your debts, and Spend. How will this plan bring margin and financial freedom to your life?

7. This week’s Next Step is to pursue God’s plan for your finances. How do you plan on pursuing His plan and how can this group encourage you?