groups Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions

For the Week of December 3rd

“Is it a Good Story?”

1. What are some of your favorite childhood Christmas memories?

2. What did the Christmas story mean to your family growing up and how has that impacted you into adulthood?

3. What are some reasons that keep people from keep people from leaning in to the Good News of the Christmas story?

4. Read Luke 2:1-4. How does this passage speak to the credibility of the Christmas Story? How does that encourage you on your faith journey?

5. Ryan shared, “Christianity is the only religion where God takes you where you are, as you are, and invites you to follow Him.” How has this Good News changed your life and how can you share this with others?

6. This week’s next step is to receive God’s forgiveness and truly follow Him? What does this mean to you and how can this group support you on your faith journey?