groups Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions

For the Week of November 20th

“The Battle Won”

1. What’s your favorite thing that you’ve ever won (prize, game, tournament, accomplishment, etc.) and why is it your favorite?

2. What types of approaches have you taken to defeat struggles in your life? What have you found to be most effective and least effective?

3. Ryan shared, “We must train ourselves to respond differently to the wrong desires. To change immediately what we are thinking about.”

What does this training look like to you? How can you be proactive in responding to wrong desires?

4. Read Romans 8:1-6. How does this passage correlate with what Ryan shared with us to run every desire (thought, action, relationship) through this filter: Does this sow to my flesh? Will this lead me to bondage or freedom?

5. What stood out the most to you from this series and how can you apply that to your life?

6. This week’s next step is to put spiritual practices into motion so you can live in the Holy Spirit. What spiritual practices are you going to put in motion and how can this group encourage you in that?