groups Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions

For the Week of January 23rd


1. Describe your earliest experience in church you can remember?

2. Read Psalm 118:5-7. When in your life did you go from simply believing in God to understanding that God was for you? How has that impacted your life? 

3. Pastor Ryan said, “We are most effective when we are connected to a local church.” With some of your friends or neighbors who don’t follow Jesus or go to church, what do you think are some of the biggest barriers they face? How can we as a church break down those barriers?

4. When you heard pastor Ryan talk about “Home FOR All”, what excited you most about that? 

5. What was the most difficult part for you of us not being able to meet for almost a full year as a church? How do you think our new building will help us to not only have a permanent home where we can meet, but to also help us fulfill our mission to help people find and follow Jesus? 

6. Pastor Ryan talked about the miracle of how we got the land and a $875,000 donation/price reduction from the owner. How does that miracle build your faith as we head into the Home FOR All campaign? How does it challenge you as you start to pray and consider your participation in Home FOR All? 

7. Apart from simply raising money for a building, what are you hoping God will do to stretch your faith in this season? How has God used opportunities and challenges to build your faith in the past? 

8. A key mantra of the church, and one that Ryan mentioned again this weekend, is that God would shift our passion to get behind what we are FOR as opposed to what we are against. How does that inspire you? How can that mission help you as you relate to non-believers. How does that challenge you in the polarizing environment we’re living in today?