House church

As COVID-19 continues to make large gatherings difficult for any church,

we are looking for creative ways for us to continue to grow together relationally and spiritually.

So with that in mind, we're excited to have something

new to Riverway called House Church!

Click HERE to view our House Church Discussion Questions.

It's Time to Be the church!

What is a House Church? Great question! We encourage you to watch the video below from Ryan

sharing some current updates and to help explain what House Church is all about.

If you have any questions or want to contact us about starting your House Church,
fill out the form at this link:

Got other questions? Email


House Church Details

Vision: To intentionally connect and grow our entire church relationally and spiritually in this time of separation. 

How It Works:

-Total of 8 adults per group made up of a mix of existing friends and newer people at RW

-This group will remain the same for this entire school year

-If you can’t think of who to connect with for a group, we can help you based on stage of life and what city you live in. 

-One person in each group will be the point person for Riverway communication

-Each group will create a text chain so easy communication and encouragement can take place

-Kid content will still be available for kids to watch and participate with weekly

-Meeting on Sundays at 10am or 5pm, weekly or every other week, during this school year

-Each House Church can decide whether to meet weekly or bi-weekly.

-They can also decide which time slot works best for them

-The house location can stay the same or rotate between the group

-We encourage a time to eat together and discuss the message after watching the service

-Plan on a 2-hour time slot each time you meet

-This keeps your friendship circle small to avoid multiple group exposures. (Think sports bubble)

**-We are encouraging safety measures each time the group meets:**

-Recommend that all main surfaces doorknobs get sanitized ahead of time

-Recommend that everyone uses hand sanitizer in and out of the house

-Each group can decide from there what other safety measures they would like to take

**-Each semester a pastor will check-in with your group over zoom to encourage and connect**

**-Will provide Amazon links for any tech needs to help your group watch church on your TV**

**-Initial care packages going to each group leader include the following:**

-Clorox Wipes

-Good smelling hand sanitizer

-Communion elements

-T-shirts for everyone in your House Church

*For those that are immune-compromised or do not feel comfortable gathering because of the coronavirus, we will be creating **ZOOM House Churches**. You will do much of the same as above, but connect over video chat.

**Basic Schedule:**

• Sunday, September 13th - Fall House Churches begin!

• Saturday, December 12th - Fall House Churches end

• Sunday, January 17th - House Churches begin

• Sunday, May 9th or May 23rd - House Churches end for summer break