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House Church Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions
For the Week of September 20th

“Love Conquers All”

1. What is your biggest phobia in life? When you think about the things that you fear, are there any signs that you’ve moved from proactive concern to unhealthy anxiety?

2. Ryan said, “One of the best things we can do is to separate ourselves from the emotion of fear.” What are some ways that we can go about doing that?

3. King David is an example of someone who often found himself praying through anxiety. Read Psalm 13.
David’s raw honesty is refreshing. Do you find it difficult to pray to God this openly and honestly? Why or why not?

4. As you reflect on the talk from Sunday, was there anything that particularly stood out to you, challenged you, or confused you?

5. Read Romans 8:35-39. What specific encouragement do you receive from these verses as it relates to your current circumstances in life?

6. This week’s next step is to exercise your faith in order to put down your fear. What are some practical ways that you can exercise your faith this week?