House Church Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions
For the Week of November 22nd

“Better For It - Relationally"

1. Part of being “Better For It” is reminding ourselves what we’re thankful for. In a year of more lows than highs, what can you remain thankful for?

2. This year has put us all in the pressure-cooker of life. What have you been doing to stay sane and come out “Better For It”?

3. How was hurt and anger dealt with in your family growing up? How was forgiveness modeled to you? How has that impacted you as an adult?

4. Read Genesis 45:1–11. What stands out to you? Given all that Joseph had been through, how could he respond like that?

5. Ryan said, “What the next generation sees YOU do, will lay the foundation for what THEY will do in similar situations.” What are you doing or can you do to help lay a foundation of following Jesus for the next generation?

6. This week’s Next Step is to become “Better For It” by extending forgiveness and grace to others. Is there someone in your life who you can extend forgiveness or grace to? How can you make this a regular habit in your life?