The Riverway Closet

Our strategic partnership with area schools has allowed us the opportunity to help our school teachers

in a big way. In May of 2013 we launched our first "Riverway Closet" at Champlin Park High School

which provides teachers with the supplies they need for their classrooms, eliminating the need

for them to purchase these items out of their own pocket. 


  If you would like to help, feel free to drop items off any Sunday to the "community table". 

Here are some of the following items that are regularly needed:

General School Supplies


•Notebooks (standard, memo pad, journal size)

•Lined paper  

•Index cards small and large

•Pens/pencils (regular & colored)


•Electric pencil sharpeners

•Post-It notes (colored, all sizes including flags)

•Markers/sharpies (black/colored)

•Scissors (class sets)

•Glue Sticks

•Tape (regular, double sided, packaging)


•1” binders and 1 ” binders

•Whiteboard markers, erasers and cleaner

•Assorted Erasers 

•Student planners (weekly/monthly/student organizers)

•Sheet protectors

•AA Batteries  

•Jump drives

•Backpacks/gym bags

•Prizes for students (small gimmicky things, novelty prizes)

•Silly putty (latex free)


•Kleenex/Puffs/Lotion Infused

•Hand Sanitizer


•Band Aids