Our Past, present, and future

  • In 2010...

    Riverway Church was only a dream in the hearts of eight people who

    planned and prayed for one year. They believed that God was placing

    in their hearts a new church with a different approach to reach

    those far from God. On September 11th, 2011 that dream

    became a reality as we held our first service.

  • Over the last 7 years we have seen...

    * More than 700 people ask Christ to be the leader of their life 

    * Rapid growth with upwards of 500 people now attending per weekend 

    * Thousands of community service hours performed by Riverway attendees 

    * More than a half million dollars invested back in our community 

    * Key partnerships formed with organizations throughout our cities that  

       have enabled us to serve more people 

    * Influence in each of our 4 local schools as we partner to help each student

       and teacher

  • looking ahead...

    We have been a “portable church” since our inception and believe now is the time to make our first big step towards securing our “Landing Place” and telling our community we are here to stay. This 24 month campaign is to purchase land that will eventually hold a building.

    From the beginning, our dream has been to build a “Community Center” that will be a blessing to all those who live around us and used 7 days a week. We envision a building that will give us dedicated kids and youth space to increase our influence in their lives. We plan to have a shared auditorium/banquet hall where we will hold our weekend services and continue the ministry to our community throughout the week. We also have plans for multiple gyms, an indoor playground, meeting rooms, a food and clothing center, a mechanic’s bay for volunteers to work on single parent vehicles, and much more! 

Landing place video

Watch as Riverway's staff recounts its humble beginnings, people share testimonies of how God

has used Riverway to impact their lives over the years, the challenges of being portable and

how the dream of having a permanent home will spread and increase that impact.


the goal

To raise an additional $900,000 beyond our current giving for the purposes of purchasing land for a permanent home for Riverway Church.

• This is Phase 1 of a multi-phase process in securing our permanent facility. During this phase we are raising funds to purchase 10 acres of land and begin land development for future construction.

• 10 acres would allow us to build a 55,000-square foot building, plenty of parking, and grass space for events. Just off Highway 169 & 109th Ave, is 10 acres of land that we believe will be Riverway’s future LANDING PLACE!


• Landing Place One Fund Goal = $2.26M

• 2 years of Operations at $595K per year = $1.19M

• Long term savings = $200K

• 2 years of outreach budget  = $170K

• Land Purchase = $700K

4 Steps To Take Together

  • Listen to God through prayer, because that is where this spiritual journey must begin. Nothing prepares our heart to respond to God like seeking His heart through prayer. Don’t rush this process. The longer you pray, “God show me how to give,” the more ways God will show you.
  • Ask for bold faith to give generously. It’s not about quantity; it is about stretching and growing our faith and sacrifice. One of the guiding principles behind this opportunity is “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.” God is interested in our hearts, not our amounts.
  • Navigate personal finances to match your faith. Talk to your spouse or other friends/family and develop your strategy for giving. We grow when we develop habits that align with what God is doing in our hearts.
  • Determine your sacrificial gift. It’s about seeking a commitment decision that is pleasing to God. For most of us, it is easy to find what is pleasing to us. To find what is pleasing to God, we’ll have to struggle and stretch our faith through prayer and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


Instead of a traditional 2-fund approach to giving, which divides our financial focus between normal giving to operations and giving towards the purchase of land, we have chosen an “All In” 1-fund approach.

Example: An individual who attends Riverway gives $100 weekly through automatic giving. In addition to his weekly giving, he also gives $300 each year to our annual “Christmas Miracle Sunday” offering and $200 annually to “Family Fun Fest”. He was planning to purchase a car in early 2018 where his payment was expected to be $350. He has decided to delay that purchase for 2 years and give $350 a month to the Landing Place campaign. He is also able to give $1,500 from his savings account.

• Normal giving: $100 x 52 weeks = $5,200 annual giving

• Outreach giving to Christmas Miracle Sunday and Family Fun Fest: $300 + $200 = $500

• Delayed car payment: $350 a month x 12 months = $4,200 annual expanded giving

Total Annual Giving: $9,900 x 2 years + One time gift from savings account: $1,500 =

  • Total "ALL IN" 2 Year Gift: $21,300


Thank you for giving towards the next chapter of Riverway! 


  • When do I make my commitment pledge? You will make your written pledge on the final Sunday of the LANDING PLACE campaign which is May 6th, 2018.
  • What does a 2-year pledge mean? That you have 24 months to complete the pledge you make. LANDING PLACE giving wraps up in April, 2020.
  • Can I change my pledge at any time? Yes, you can simply contact the church office at any time to raise or lower your pledge amount. Your pledge is not a contract or binding obligation but indication of your best intention with God’s help. If you need to adjust, let us know and we will adjust with you.
  • Should I direct my regular giving to Landing Place or separate my current giving from my expanded giving to Landing Place? No. The ease and simplicity of a 1-fund campaign is that you only need to write one check or make a single transaction each time you give. Our “All In” giving will fund our normal operations including current outreaches and ministry to our community plus provide additional funds for the land purchase.
  • What if I don’t have a lot to give? It’s not the size of the gift, it’s the size of the sacrifice. In fact, sometimes those with little bring the greatest gifts of all because it represents a very deep personal sacrifice. God sees what you bring far more clearly than anyone else does.
  • Is there a way for me to give non-cash gifts? Yes. We are able to accept gifts of stocks, investments, personal property and more. Contact the church office to discuss this option before directing your non-cash gift.
  • Will I get a tax receipt for my contribution to Landing Place? Yes. Tax receipts for Landing Place operate the same way tax receipts for regular giving do. A receipt for the previous tax year will be sent to you in January of the following year for inclusion in your income tax return.
  • Will my pledge amount be made public? No it won’t. We take privacy very seriously and so your pledge will remain confidential.
  • Do I have to give everything at once or over time? Please bring your best “first offering” with you to the final week of the LANDING PLACE campaign on Sunday, May 6th - our COMMITMENT SUNDAY. This will include your pledge and the best amount you can give right away. The rest can be given anytime over the 2 year campaign.