our past, present, and Future

  • in 2010...

    Riverway Church was only a dream in the hearts of eight people who

    planned and prayed for one year. They believed that God was placing

    in their hearts a new church with a different approach to reach

    those far from God. On September 11th, 2011 that dream

    became a reality as we held our first service.

  • Over the last 11 years we have seen:

    * Nearly 1000 people have decided to start following Jesus

    * Rapid growth with upwards of 600 people who call Riverway home

    * Thousands of community service hours performed by Riverway attendees 

    * More than 3 quarters of a million dollars invested back in our community 

    * Key partnerships formed with organizations throughout our cities that  

       have enabled us to serve more people 

    * Influence in our 4 local schools as we partner to help each student &  teacher

  • It's time to build our home

    We have been a “portable church” since our inception and now that we have purchased 7.5 acres of land, we believe now is the time to build our home and tell our community we are here to stay. From the beginning, our dream has been to build a “Church and Community Center” that will be a blessing to all those who attend Riverway and those who live around us that is used 7 days a week.

    We envision a building that will give us dedicated kids and youth space to increase our influence in their lives. We plan to have a shared auditorium/banquet hall where we will hold our weekend services and continue the ministry to our community throughout the week. We also have plans for a gym, an indoor playground, party rooms, meeting rooms, a youth room, small group rooms, and more!

    A home FOR you, FOR your family, FOR our communities.

Home for all VISION video

Watch how our city leaders and others who attend Riverway share about the impact that Riverway has had in their lives and in our community over the past 10 years. This campaign will not only allow us to keep making a difference, but it will dramatically increase the impact we can make together by having a permanent home in our community. 


The goal

  • To raise $2,000,000 in additional funds above and beyond our current giving for the purposes of building a permanent home for Riverway Church. This will enable us to have focused ministry 7 days a week.


  • We want to create permanent spaces to increase ministry opportunities for kids, youth, and adults who attend Riverway.

  • We know that 60% of our communities are not attending church anywhere. Our mission is to reach them and make an eternal difference in their lives.

  • We want to let our community know that we are here to stay. Continuing as a portable church when God has called us to have a permanent presence pointing people to Him is unacceptable. We want our future building to meet the practical needs of our community and those living around us.

  • We want to deepen our faith and trust in God by giving more of ourselves and broadening the impact Riverway can have in our community.

  • We want to continue to provide a place where people can take simple steps toward God no matter where they are at on their faith journey.

    Acts 15:16: “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.”

concept design flythrough

Watch this flythrough video to see what our future home could look like!


stories of faith

Watch as Riverway attendees share their stories of faith

and how God has led them to being involved in "Home For All".


4 steps to take together

Heart to heart with God, listening through prayer, because that is where this spiritual journey must begin. Nothing prepares our heart to respond to God like seeking His heart through prayer. Don’t rush this process. The longer you pray, “God show me how to give,” the more ways God will show you.

Operate out of bold faith to give generously. It’s not about quantity; it is about stretching and growing our faith and sacrifice. One of the guiding principles behind this opportunity is “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.” God is interested in stretching our faith to him.

Make a plan in your personal finances to match your faith. Talk to your spouse or other friends/family and develop your strategy for giving. We grow when we develop habits that align with what God is doing in our hearts.

Establish your sacrificial gift. It’s about seeking a commitment decision that is pleasing to God. For most of us, it is easy to find what is pleasing to us. To find what is pleasing to God, we’ll have to struggle and stretch our faith through prayer and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

2-fund approach to giving

(this is a pledge above normal giving)

Example #1 - An individual was planning to purchase a car in early 2022 where his monthly payment was expected to be $450. He has decided to delay that purchase for 2 years and give $450 a month to the “Home FOR All” campaign. He also pushed back a home project to apply that money to his pledge. He is also able to give $1,500 from his savings account.

  • Delayed car payment = $450 a month x 12 months = $5,400 annual expanded giving
  • Delayed home project = $5,000
  • One-time gift from savings account = $1,500
  • His 2-year Gift Total above his normal giving: 

    $5,400 X 2 yrs + $5,000 + $1,500 = $17,300

Hear from our team

Check out these short videos as our team members reflect on

elements of faith that are fundamental to "Home For All".



When do I make my commitment pledge? You will make your written pledge on the final Sunday of the “Home FOR All” campaign which is February 27th, 2022.

What does a 2-year pledge mean? That you have 24 months to complete the pledge you make. “Home FOR All” giving wraps up in March, 2024.

Can I change my pledge at any time? Yes, you can simply contact the church office at any time to raise or lower your pledge amount. Your pledge is not a contract or binding obligation but indication of your best intention with God’s help. If you need to adjust, let us know and we will adjust with you.

Should I separate my current giving from my expanded giving to “Home FOR All”? Yes. Since this is two-fund campaign, please make sure to write “Home For All” in the memo of your check or for online / text giving make sure to choose the “Home FOR All” dropdown menu. Your regular giving or tithe can continue as normal.

What if I don’t have a lot to give? It’s not the size of the gift, it’s the size of the sacrifice. In fact, sometimes those with little bring the greatest gifts of all because it represents a very deep and personal sacrifice. God sees what you bring far more clearly than anyone else does.

Is there a way for me to give non-cash gifts? Yes. We are able to accept gifts of stocks, investments, personal property, and more. Contact info@riverwaychurch.com or call

612-354-1377 to discuss this option before directing your non-cash gift.

Will I get a tax receipt for my contribution to Home FOR All? Yes. Tax receipts for “Home FOR All” operate the same way tax receipts for regular giving do. A receipt for the previous tax year will be sent to you in January of the following year for inclusion in your income tax return.

Will my pledge amount be made public? No it won’t. We take privacy very seriously and so your pledge will remain confidential.

Do I have to give everything at once or over time? If possible, please bring your best “first offering” with you to the final week of the “Home FOR All” campaign on Sunday, February 27th - our COMMITMENT SUNDAY. This will include your pledge and the best amount you can give right away. The rest can be given anytime over the 2 year campaign.