Small Group Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions
For the Week of October 13th

"Words Have Weight"

1. What is one of the most embarrassing things you’ve ever said to someone?

2. How have the words of others impacted you in either a positive or negative way? 

3. Kim shared, “Our words have the power to do irreparable damage to our relationships and opportunities.”  If this is true, why is taming our tongue such a difficult task?  

4. How should your relationship with God influence the words that you say?

5. Read Matthew 6:43-45. What does this passage imply about the words that you speak? 

6. Kim gave us 3 ways to tame our tongue: 1) Go back and take responsibility for the fires you started. 2) Try to repair the damage, which is rarely done with words but rather with actions.  3) Pray and tell God daily that you are surrendering your mouth to Him.  Which one of these 3 do you need to focus on this week and why? 

7. This week’s next step is to think before you speak and to ask God to help you tame your tongue.  What practical steps can you take to make thinking before you speak a habit, and how can this group help you?