Small Group Discussion Questions

Message Discussion Questions
For the Week of December 1st

"The Arrival of Hope"

1.    What are your favorite Christmas traditions?  Do you have any special plans for Christmas this year?     
2.    The Christmas season brings with it the arrival of so much.  Some of it wonderful, some of it difficult.  What does this season bring for you?
3.    Often times our hopes and dreams change quite drastically from the time we are kids to the time we are adults.  How have your hopes and dreams changed over time? 
4.     Ryan shared that hope requires us to wait and trust in God even when hope seems lost.  What makes this so difficult and how can we grow in this area?  
5.    When the Bible talks about hope, it was always based on a person, not on current circumstances.  How can we maintain this outlook when we’re going through difficult circumstances?    
6.    Read Romans 15:13. According to this verse, what responsibility is placed on us?  What is the outcome from us being obedient with our responsibility? 
7.  Our Next Step this week is to look back at the hope Jesus brought the world and now brings to us.  Can you think of a time in the past that God has been faithful to you and how can that give you hope for the future?