Riverway is a non-denominational church that began forming in the Spring of 2011 with 8 friends

who decided to approach "church" in a whole new way through actionable efforts in our local community. 

It has now grown into a large community with hundreds of people taking simple steps towards God.

Riverway is a place for everybody to explore faith in Jesus without losing their minds or sense of humor. 

We are creating environments where everybody can come and start a journey with God

no matter what their past looks like. A place where you won't find any judgment.

We hope to see you Sunday at Champlin Park High School at 9am or 10:30am!

What you can expect on a sunday...

  • Casual Atmosphere  (you can come as you are...jeans, pj's, whatever...just no birthday suits please)
  • FREE Donuts and Coffee  (don't worry...we have magically removed all calories from the donuts) 
  • Services Last 70 Minutes  (you may not even have time to fall asleep)
  • Friendly People Who Will Help You Find Your Way Around  (not the weird, stalking kind)
  • Fun, Age Appropriate Kids Programs   (For Kids Birth-5th Grade)
  • The Band is LIVE & ROCKIN!   (think big hair band from the '80's. Just kidding)
  • A Message That is Relevant to Your Life  (If you can't use it on Monday, we won't talk about it on Sunday)