Upcoming Events

  • 9 to 5

    WORK. RESPONSIBILITIES. TASKS. EXPECTATIONS. Is our work just that? Just a Job? Is it something more? Our perspective can transform our to-do list into something that brings deep meaning to our life.

    Join us for this series, 9 to 5, as we discuss work, life & success. 

  • christmas at riverway - dec. 5th - 24th

    Christmastime is here! We invite you, your family, and your friends to join us this December as we celebrate this season and reflect on the promise of hope that God gave us through his Son.

  • Christmas playlist - dec. 5th - 24th

    What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Join us for this Christmas series as we talk about the origins & meaning of some of our favorite Christmas songs.

  • christmas miracle sunday - dec. 12th

    Christmas Miracle Sunday is one of our favorite days of the year. Come and experience this day of hope and generosity as we bless families in need, single parents, and local community initiatives. You don't want to miss it!

  • Christmas Eve services - dec. 24th - 3pm & 4:30pm

    Join us at either 3 pm or 4:30 pm on Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of Christ! Both services will be a 1-hour, all-family, candlelight service filled with some of your favorite Christmas carols and a message of hope. 

    Our Christmas Eve services will not be live-streamed, so bring the family and join us in-person. 

  • No Services dec. 26th & Jan. 2nd

    There will be no Sunday services on December 26th & January 2nd as we give our volunteers and staff some time off. Spend some extra time with your family over the holidays and we'll see you on January 9th!