Upcoming Events

  • PROOF OF LIFE - Summer 2019

    Our lives are characterized by who we're becoming and how we're developing. It's part of how we grow in life, and what's growing in us produces fruit as evidence to who we are.

    What do our lives look like when we are dedicated to following Jesus? Our relationship with Him changes and grows us, and develops fruit that reflects His character. It's proof of His life alive in us.

    Join us in discovering more about the life that God gives us, and how we can continue to grow in Him.

  • Riverway Picnic - Sunday Jul. 21st

    We've got a fun weekend plan in store for YOU!!

    Join us this Sunday afternoon from 1pm-5pm for our Picnic! We'll gather together for food & fun, and everyone is welcome to come! Bring your own meat to grill and a side to share around.

    We will meet up at River Park in Brooklyn Park:
    101 83rd Ave
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55444